Aron Movers has a complete range of insurance designed specifically for the moving industry. Please read this section carefully. Do not be afraid tocontact us for any additional information not provided by this page or for clarification.

Value Based Coverage

Aron Movers offers insurance for purchase that will cover the value of your items. This insurance is through an outside insurance company. The cost of the insurance is $13.00 for every $1000.00 worth of value. You, the customer, will determine the value you wish your items to be insured for. There is also a $300.00 or $500.00 deductible that applies. Aron Movers will determine your deductible based upon the items needed to be insured.

If you opt to take this additional insurance, the minimum value you must take is $5000.00. This will cost you $65.00 on your bill for moving. You may increase the value to fit your needs.

If you wish to take this coverage, you must let us know at least 72 hours prior to your move.

Included Coverage

Customers that do not wish to buy additional insurance will be provided with 60 cents per pound coverage. For example, if you have a 10 pound, $1000 stereo which is damaged, your reimbursement would be $6.00 (10lbs x $0.60 = $6.00). This rule is based solely upon the weight of the item and has nothing to do with its actual value.

Your Own Insurance Policies

Call your personal insurance representative prior to moving. Sometimes they will cover damages resulting from a move.

What insurance does and does not cover.

Any of the aforementioned insurance will cover damage incurred to furniture or the contents of boxes that we (Aron Movers) pack. Unfortunately, the contents of boxes packed by persons other than employees of Aron Movers Inc. are not covered by insurance. It is also important to note that electronics are only covered by insurance if there is obvious damage to the outer case. Property damage and worker injuries are covered by our company's insurance and workman's compensation respectively.

Please note: Aron Movers Inc will not be held responsible for damage to any marble or sheets of glass that have not been properly boxed or crated. Please contact us if you need help boxing or crating any items. Aron Movers Inc will not be held responsible for any additional damage caused by the move to an item that was already damaged prior to the move. Furniture constructed of pressboard is not meant to be moved assembled. Pressboard furniture MUST be disassembled. If you choose not to disassemble your pressboard furniture, pack glass, or pack marble, prior to loading the foreman will have you sign a note on the bill absolving Aron Movers Inc to any responsibility of damage to these pieces.